No One Apparently Wants To Host The Oscars, But Social Media Has Some Gritty Ideas

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Last year’s Oscars telecast was predictable for many reasons. For starters, there weren’t too many surprises in terms of who won — and who didn’t win — trophies that night. What’s more, ratings for the annual Academy Awards telecast has been gradually, though consistently, decreasing without any respite on the horizon. (Unless, of course, they release a tiger into the theater.) So it comes as no surprise that, between increasingly poor viewing numbers and massive flubs, producers are having trouble securing a host.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Donna Gigliotti has yet to name a master of ceremonies for the late February 2019 telecast. The most likely reasons for this include those mentioned above, as well as a myriad of possible other problems known only to Gigliotti, the Academy, ABC, and others with a significant investment in the next broadcast’s success. Even so, the point remains that the 2019 Oscars ceremony doesn’t have a host in the cards, and that’s a problem.

Unless, of course, you’re extremely online. Hence why social media has had no problem issuing a slew of silly suggestions for who might best adopt the Oscars host mantle from 2018’s Jimmy Kimmel. Many are predictably nominating themselves for the job, but a few heroes are coming up with some rather fantastic options for Gigliotti and company. For example, there’s the comedian Patton Oswalt, a man so knowledgeable about movies that he’s written several books about them.

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