Oscar Isaac Will Be The Titular Apocalypse In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

After rumors that Tom Hardy and Idris Elba were being considered to play the O.G. mutant Apocalypse in X-Men Apocalypse, Fox has closed a deal with an actor who actually looks a little like the kid who played the character in the X-Men: Days Of Future Past post-credits scene. Deadline reports Oscar Isaac has signed for the role.

You may recognize Isaac from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Drive, Inside Llewyn Davis, and, um, Sucker Punch. (To be fair, he totally committed to his ridiculous character in Sucker Punch.)

In X-Men, he plays the most powerful mutant ever and the most menacing foe the X-Men have ever faced. Tracks back to ancient times. The main villain of the film. Considers himself a god. From the look of the comic character, Isaac’s going to have to do some benching.

So that jibes with what Bryan Singer’s already been saying about the plot, minus the part about the actor getting all buff (although that’s implied with any dudes Singer hires, natch). X-Men Apocalypse gets all apocalyptic on our faces this May 27th, 2016.