Why You Should Watch Each Of The Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Eight Best Picture nominees, eight completely different types of movies. Have you seen them all?

If not, you should get on that fast. The show starts in just under 24 hours.

Let’s run down the list, shall we? In Spotlight, you get an inside look at the world of journalism through the eyes of actual people who broke a harrowing story at The Boston Globe in 2002. It’s as tangible and real as any of the nominees.

The Martian practically defines the term “crowd-pleaser” with its story of one man fighting to survive and get home after being stranded on the red planet. High stakes, humor and good, old-fashioned star power make this nominee hum.

The Big Short takes another real life event but unlike Spotlight, this movie stylizes and magnifies the story it’s telling so as to impress upon the audience just how big a deal the housing market crisis of the mid-2000s really was.

In Bridge of Spies, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and the Coen Brothers paint a portrait that winds up looking just like so many Cold War suspense thrillers to grace the screen over the years. In the hands of pros like that, the result feels almost effortless.

Brooklyn puts us in a time warp, taking us back to the 1950s in a movie filled with characters and locations that indeed feel as though they’re happening back then.

One of the most compelling characteristics of Room is how gritty and unsparing it feels in telling its story of a woman and her young son re-entering the world after years in captivity.

The Revenant weaves a historical tale of survival and revenge on the frontier of early 19th century America, using sweeping cinematography and pure filmmaking to make its mark.

And Mad Max: Fury Road, perhaps the most original of all the nominees, creates an entirely different world filled with stunning design and relentless energy while barely stopping to catch its breath.

There you have it. Eight movies, all as different as you can imagine. Get more into how each nominee on the list sets itself apart from the rest in the video above.