Owen Wilson’s Career Gets Cut Down To 3 Minutes In This Comprehensive Supercut

As with most series, it would seem like a trilogy is more than enough to get the point across about a story. Then comes the idea for a franchise. A series. We’ve seen it happen to the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Star Trek, Star Wars, Die Hard, and countless others. It’s like a trip to the buffet when you’re really hungry, thinking it’s a great idea to eat on the cheap and fill up that groaning stomach you’re packing. It’s only too late that you realize it is a mistake.

That’s where we are with these Owen Wilson supercuts. We’re not fully at the mistake part yet, but we’re starting to think that Owen Wilson’s career is nothing more than a series of reoccurring events and lines, stitched together across years of film. Yeah, he says “wow” in a ton of his films, has a revolving set of catchphrases, and seems to play some version of the same character in every movie. But this super-cut just seems to highlight that there’s no end to that.

There’s a love present in these super-cuts (and the YouTube account entirely devoted to Wilson), but it seems to almost cut the guy no slack. He did help write some of Wes Anderson’s finest films (including Rushmore, the best film you hipster scumbags). On top of that, Wilson provides joy in his role. He’s a friendly face, with familiar mannerisms, calming the viewer into a sense of security. You know what you’re getting in an Owen Wilson film and it’s poised to make you go “wow” before sending you off to a land of good vibes and road lizards. It’s beautiful.

(Via Owenergy Studios)