‘Pacific Rim 2’ Chooses A Complete Unknown As Its Female Lead

Pacific Rim 2 is gearing up for filming to start soon, and with the deadline looming the movie has made one of the last big casting decisions needed. As most of the original cast isn’t coming back for the sequel, the casting list for this film is chock full of surprises, exciting casting choices, and an unknown storyline. One of those casting decisions has been cemented though, as Variety reports newcomer Cailee Spaeny is confirmed to be joining the second Rim installment as the female lead.

While details of her role remain under wraps for the most part, we do know she will be the lucky lady who gets to act opposite Star Wars‘ John Boyega. With any luck, this will be her breakout role and she can go on to bigger and better things. Currently, the only movie Spaeny has appeared in is the indie flick Counting to 1,000, but she will also appear in the upcoming movie The Shoes as well as this newly announced gig. Needless to say this is her most high-profile job yet and could launch her into the “young starlet” stratosphere. While there are other changes in the sequel compared to the original (Guillermo del Toro is shifting from director to producer), this is by far the biggest change.

Only time will tell just how big a star Spaeny will be after the film premieres in 2018.

(via Variety)

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