Guillermo Del Toro Has Finished And Submitted His ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Script

Nobody quite seems to know what’s going on with Pacific Rim 2, including the series’ creator Guillermo del Toro. The film was, by all accounts, chugging along just fine, but then it looked like it might be canceled, but no wait, del Toro says he’s finishing the script and the movie is still on. Why, this story has been as back-and-forth as a fight between a giant robot and a some sort of interdimensional monster. I’m not sure where I came up with that metaphor. Just came to me.

Well, Pacific Rim 2 has taken another step towards maybe, possibly happening, as del Toro has tweeted that he’s finished the script and sent it off to Legendary/Universal.

Now we play the waiting game. If Pacific Rim 2 does get the go-ahead, it probably won’t hit theaters for some time. The movie was originally slated for summer of 2017, but the release date was changed to TBA back when the cancellation rumors first popped up. Also, the low-budget vampire movie Silva is apparently the next thing on Guillermo del Toro’s plate, so 2018 is probably the absolute earliest we can expect Pacific Rim 2.

And what if Universal decides they don’t want to be in the Kaiju game? Well, del Toro seems pretty fed up with the whole Hollywood blockbuster thing, so maybe it would be for the best. Realize when you’re not appreciated and cut your losses, Guillermo.

(via Screen Rant)