‘Paddington 2’ Fans Are Furious It Was Snubbed In Golden Globe Nominations

You may not lurk around these portions of the internet, but there are a lot of fans of Paddington 2 out there. And all those portions of the internet are furious that the animated bear sequel did not get any Golden Globe nominations.

The annual award nominees were released on Thursday morning, with a lot of movies that are not Paddington 2 receiving nominations, as well as a good portion of prestige television. But once all the accolades were prematurely handed out and fans of Good Shows were reassured they like good TV, what remained was a lot of rage about an CGI sequel not getting the love it deserved.

Here’s what our Vince Mancini said in January about the movie in a glowing review of a film about a “weird CGI bear.”

I came out of Paddington 2 with a big smile on my face, a feeling I didn’t anticipate. It feels weird to enjoy a movie about a weird CGI bear — a sequel to a movie about a weird CGI bear, no less — but it’s easier to understand if you know that Paddington 2 isn’t good because it’s about a weird CGI bear, but good in spite of the fact that it’s about a weird CGI bear. Which is to say, it’s not really about the bear.

Paddington 2, in other words, contains multitudes. So why didn’t Golden Globe voters see it that way? Well, there are a lot of potential answers here. Perhaps Paddington: Fully Loaded was a victim of timing, as the January 12 release date put it far into the rearview of what’s been a hellish year in general. Can any of us actually remember something that happened in January at this point? January of 2018?

And there’s always the bias that comes with an animated film being more than just something for children. But Paddington 2 actually was really good. In fact, it was record-breakingly good: Paddington, Also held the record for the best-reviewed film on Rotten Tomatoes, just one of a few movies with a perfect 100 rating and garnering the most consecutive “fresh” reviews in the site’s history.

Paddington Deux is a secretly popular, well-liked movie and yet it got zero nods from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association on Thursday. And people, well, kind of freaked out about that. Seriously, people were very upset that the CGI bear movie was disrespected.

And to be clear, Natalie — who is amazing on Twitter — is not just defending Paddington The Second for laughs on social media. She’s a legitimate fan, as are many who were upset about the snub on Thursday.

Natalie wasn’t the only one upset, either. There were some legitimate concerns from a lot of fans that the people responsible for picking good movies seriously misjudged the animated film.

Perhaps there will be no justice for Paddington 2, as the hashtag suggests should come. But perhaps all the attention will at least give some people incentive to check the movie out on demand somewhere. Apparently, many of us missed a good one.