Paleontologist Jack Horner Resumed His Consulting Duties For ‘Jurassic World’

Dr. Jack Horner, who served as Michael Crichton’s basis for the character of Dr. Alan Grant — played by Sam Neill in the Jurassic Park film — served as a consultant to Steven Spielberg in 1993. He also helped with the two sequels, and came back to help out with Jurassic World under Colin Trevorrow’s direction.

Sure, Dr. Horner is also hard at work trying to make genetically engineered dinosaurs a reality — something that could one day become science fact — but he returned to his roots to help Trevorrow and the rest of the newbies make a proper sequel to Crichton’s book and its film adaptation.

So maybe the new film has a totally made-up dinosaur in it, but that’s okay, according to Dr. Horner. Then again, so is the idea of a “chickensauraus.”

(Via Universal Pictures)