Patrick Stewart Shows Off His Acting Skills By Paying Tribute To William Shakespeare

Patrick Stewart getty
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In case you somehow weren’t aware, April 24th 2016 is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. A slew of big events and celebrations are occurring in the English town of Stratford-upon-Avon where the playwright was born and died, but all around the world people are celebrating in their own way. Google made their doodle a Shakespeare-inspired sketch today, and now Star Trek: The Next Generation and X-Men actor Patrick Stewart is honoring the man by reciting one of his favorite passages in a Twitter video he posted.

Of course one of the current greatest living British actors not only chose As You Like It as his favorite Shakespeare play of choice, but performed a scene that belongs to Rosalind. As Stewart himself says, it’s not a role that he will probably get a chance to perform in full anytime soon unless he fully embraces the drag aspect of Shakespeare’s era and gets cast in an all male performance. The only thing that Stewart’s video is missing is his regular partner in crime Ian McKellen. Perhaps next year they will do a follow-up video with a famous two-hander rather than another monologue. Where fore art though, McKellan?!

(via Mashable)