Who Exactly Is Sir Paul McCartney Playing In ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales?’

This post contains spoilers for Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, so read on with caution, mateys.

The time has come for the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean film to hit theaters and for Johnny Depp to break out his Captain Jack Sparrow schtick once again. While people are a little bit confused about why this film exists, the allure of the high seas is pretty strong, so it’s bound to carry the holiday weekend. Part of that allure? Finding out who the heck Sir Paul McCartney is playing. Fans have been curious since his grizzled beard graced his very own poster, and now the secret’s out.


Due to scheduling conflicts, The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards was unable to appear in the film to reprise his cameo role as Jack Sparrow’s father, so directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg decided to reach out to McCartney to step into sea faring boots as Sparrow’s “Uncle Jack.” Sandberg told Entertainment Weekly:

“Johnny, of course, has his phone number, as you do. I don’t know what kind of club these people are a member of, but he had the phone number, so he said, ‘You know, I’ll text him! No problem.’ So he did! He just texted Sir Paul, and Sir Paul texted back. And it went a little back and forth, and their lingo got more and more pirate-y, and it was like, well, this is going to happen!”

Honestly, can you imagine the numbers that Depp has on his phone?

For Rønning, working with McCartney was one of the highlights of the shoot because he got to see the man in musical action.

“The scene starts with him singing a song, and at the very end of the day, we needed to do a wild take to just record him singing. Nobody else is working on the set so on the soundstage, it’s completely quiet, and we’re only rolling sound. So I’m sitting there behind the monitors, listening in with earphones and basically recording Paul McCartney. That was a big, big moment.”

Plus, the idea that Richards and McCartney would be brothers is surely hilarious for those who still have strong opinions on the classic Rolling Stones vs. The Beatles feud.

(Via EW)