Paul Rudd Battles Stephen Hawking In Quantum Chess With A Little Help From Bill And Ted

Never has a game of chess been more exciting, unless you’ve watched any film about chess within the last 20 years. Searching For Bobby Fischer still holds the crown if we’re being honest. But this is likely a close second now.

Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter put together this little production with the help of director Alex Winter, the voice of Keanu Reeves, super actor Paul Rudd, and super genius Stephen Hawking. Together, they play a game of Quantum Chess and utilize the ideas of quantum mechanics to play the classic game of strategy. The clip was premiered during the One Entangled Evening event at Caltech and features some very hard science mixed with some very funny comedy. It’s a little shocking.

There’s plenty to love throughout, but Hawking likely gets the last and best laugh of the entire video. But Rudd should be thanking his lucky stars that he accepted the role in Ant-Man. It saved his butt here and allowed him to actually put up a decent fight with Hawking in the end. It’s also nice to hear Keanu referred to as “Future Keanu,” which I honestly thought was just an odd joke before I realized it really was Reeves doing the voice work.

Some of us never would’ve made it through that recording session in one piece. In fact, if he didn’t murder me for asking him to say lines from Point Break, he’d certainly do it once we hit his role in Johnny Mnemonic.

(Via Gizmodo / Institute for Quantum Information and Matter)