A ‘Peaky Blinders’ Movie Might Be On The Way, According To A New Report

Peaky Blinders is a good show that you should be watching. We’ve discussed this. Its third season premieres on the BBC this spring and should hit Netflix shortly after. We’ve discussed this, as well. But what we haven’t discussed to this point is the prospect of a Peaky Blinders movie, an omission we should all probably give ourselves a pass on, considering rumors of it just started circulating today. From Radio Times:

“It’s early days but it’s being discussed as a definite possibility,” a source tells “The show has international appeal and it is high octane with a lavish period look that would make it perfect for the big screen treatment.”

A spokeswoman for the production declined to comment on the rumours.

As far as reports go, this one is pretty thin, even for speculation about the future of a little-watched show with a passionate fanbase. An anonymous source saying unidentified parties are having unspecified discussions about a potential movie being “a definite possibility” is about a half step above “I heard a guy talking about it at the Arby’s near the airport.” So, let’s not start making plans to see it opening night in IMAX just yet.

“But wait,” you say. “If this is all just a rumor at this point, one that — even if true — would mean a movie is still just a general notion floating around the heads of a few people, then why even bring it up? This wasn’t just an excuse to discuss Peaky Blinders again in the hopes that a few people will start watching it so you have more people to talk about it with, was it?”


(Via Radio Times)