Reports Indicate That Marvel Will Bring Peyton Reed Back To Direct ‘Ant-Man And Wasp’

Getty Image / Marvel

It would seem that Peyton Reed can’t get enough of Ant-Man — or he’s a big fan of Marvel’s paychecks. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reed is in close talks to return as the director for Ant-Man and Wasp in 2018. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, it would be the first major deal for Marvel’s newly announced slew of films that shuffled up the release dates for Black Panther and Captain Marvel, while also adding in three mystery films along the way (come on, Power Pack).

It might seem like a shock that Ant-Man is even getting a sequel, but the film is popular enough in the States and proved to be a massive success overseas. According to Deadline, the film raked in “$454 million worldwide for Disney and Marvel,” topping the first Thor film and Captain America: The First Avenger. That also helped quiet any lingering controversy over the loss of Edgar Wright from the film, though some of his contributions still made it into the film.

Nothing is settled yet, but it should be good news if you enjoyed the film. Better news would be an announcement for those three mystery projects. If we get Power Pack, Howard the Duck, and Devil Dinosaur, you’ll know I somehow traveled back in time and wrangled control of Marvel away from Kevin Feige.

(Via Deadline / The Hollywood Reporter)