Phil Lord And Chris Miller Have Signed On To Write ‘The Flash’

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It seems comedy gods and LEGO champions Phil Lord and Chris Miller are no longer circling The Flash, one of the planned Warner Bros. films in the slowly expanding DC Cinematic Universe. That’s because they’ve joined the project, though not as directors — yet.

According to Deadline:

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are working behind the scenes to develop a story for Warner Bros.’ big-screen version of the DC Comic-based superhero The Flash. They are currently working on a treatment for the studio about the superhero, whose super speed allows him to seemingly break the speed of light and time travel.

Again, they’re not directing the film, but they’ve agreed to write a treatment for it — what amounts to a highly detailed outline or story. (This is what James Gunn recently turned in at Marvel for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.) But Deadline‘s quick to note that the pair hasn’t “chosen their next project.”

This means that the all-male Ghostbusters could still be a possibility. Given the speed with which they committed to writing a Flash treatment, however, the other projects probably just weren’t fast enough. Snare roll…cymbal crash.

(Via Deadline)