Phil Lord Skewers ‘Twilight’ In This Awesome Fake Trailer For ‘Moonquake Lake,’ Starring Mila Kunis

I skipped my press screening for the Cameron Diaz remake of Annie, because… well, because it’s a Cameron Diaz remake of Annie, but apparently, at some point during the film, Annie, played by Quvenzhané Wallis (swear to God I spelled that without pasting) goes to see a film. The fictional film within the film is a YA parody called Moonquake Lake, starring Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Rihanna. 22 Jump Street/LEGO Movie co-director Phil Lord recently did the Lord’s work (*dodges tomato*) by tweeting a link to the Moonquake Lake trailer, thereby allowing us to see it without necessitating a ticket to a film in which Jamie Foxx plays a version of Daddy Warbucks called “Benjamin Stacks.”

The dialogue is a little muffled (part of the parody, perhaps?), but here’s what they say:

KUTCHER: Things… happen for a reason.

KUNIS: Says the boy who doesn’t have to go home to the moon every night.

KUTCHER: What if when you go to the moon there’s an asteroid or something?

KUTCHER: But I will catch you.

KUNIS: I know you will.

KUTCHER: You ready?

KUNIS: Never been more.

Then Rihanna shows up as some kind of demon, and there’s a hot swamp creature who makes dolphin noises. Between this and the end credits sequence in 22 Jump Street, it’s pretty clear that Lord and Miller are great at movie trailer parodies, but so far, only as a side dish. If anyone with millions of dollars is reading this, I would definitely pay money to watch a Kentucky Fried Movie-style feature made up entirely of Lord and Miller’s trailer parodies. I mean we’re talking five, possibly six American dollars. What, I’m not made of money.

[hat tip: TheDissolve]