Pierce Brosnan Thinks It Would Be ‘Exciting’ If The Next Bond Was A Woman

Daniel Craig is not going to be playing James Bond much longer, which should please Daniel Craig. This has been known this for years now, which means there’s been years of wild, reckless, and outside-the-box speculation on who will be his replacement. There’s even been talk of making the future of Bond female or trans — talk that’s been, in some circles, disappointingly controversial. Well, one person who’s for a Bond sans a Y chromosome? The silver screen’s fifth 007, Pierce Brosnan.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the Irish actor was asked about the prospect of making James Bond a woman. And he was, to put it mildly, ecstatic.

“Yes!’ Bronsan replied. “I think we’ve watched the guys do it for the last 40 years, get out of the way, guys, and put a woman up there. I think it would be exhilarating, it would be exciting.”

That said, he’s not optimistic that others in power share his stance. “I don’t think that’s going to happen with the Broccolis. I don’t think that is going to happen under their watch,” he explained.

Of course, technically the next 007 will already be a woman: Over the summer it was revealed that in the next film, the newly-named No Time to Die, Captain Marvel actress Lashana Lynch will be taking over the agent’s number, which is not the same as Lynch becoming the next James Bond.

Brosnan took over the role with 1995’s Goldeneye, which had been the franchise’s comeback — the first Bond film in seven long years, after License to Kill, the second to star Timothy Dalton, underperformed at the box office. Brosnan stayed with the role for three more films, ending with 2003’s Die Another Day. He had been in talks to take the role earlier in his career, but he wasn’t allowed to break a contract for his starmaking TV show, Remington Steele.

Whatever happens, certain Bond fans are strangely hostile to the idea of changing Bond too much. But at least Craig Trojan Horse-d a female perspective into the writer’s room: Earlier this year it was revealed that no less than Phoebe Waller-Bridge, mastermind of Fleabag and Killing Eve, was hired to do a punch-up on the script.

(Via THR)