What Does The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ After Credits Scene Mean For The Future Of The Series?

05.26.17 9 months ago


WARNING: Spoilers for Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ahead.

So the latest adventure featuring Jack Sparrow is finally here and the reviews are mixed. Fans of the series likely won’t care and the film is attempting to bring back some of the feel of the original film in this fifth installment, creating a film that is sure to please in some places. But with its release, we have to ask what the future of this series might be and where it can go from here.

The original film was a fine stand-alone film that made a ton of money, prompting Disney to call for two sequels filmed back-to-back that turned the series into an epic trilogy for some reason. Much like shared universes today, the epic trilogy was the movie fad at the time and we can likely blame Lord Of The Rings for that. On Stranger Tides and the latest Pirates film mark the start of another very loose trilogy, but the post-credits scene of the latest film hints that we might be getting more pieces of the older films back for the next installment.


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