Disney Has Proof That Every Pixar Movie Is Connected

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01.18.17 5 Comments

The first Pixar movie, Toy Story, came out nearly 22 years ago. If that doesn’t make you feel old, how about this? Andy sister’s Molly, who appeared as a drooling toddler in the film, is old enough to drink. You’re getting old, death is near, etc. On a happier note: after years of fan speculation, Disney finally confirmed the speculation that every Pixar movie, from Toy Story to 2016’s Finding Dory, takes place in the same universe. Yes, even The Good Dinosaur.

The revelation was made on Toy Story‘s Facebook page in a video with the caption, “Oh my spurs! You ain’t never seen Easter eggs like these, partner.” Some of the nods are easier to spot than others, so let’s count them off.

-Riley from Inside Out can be seen in Finding Dory
-There’s a dinosaur from The Good Dinosaur in Inside Out
-Another dinosaur from The Good Dinosaur appears in Monsters, Inc.
-Sulley from Monsters, Inc. is immortalized in wood in Brave
Brave connects to Cars
Cars links to Toy Story 3, whose Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear is in Up
Up‘s Dug barks at Remy in Ratatouille
-A motorbike from Ratatouille is in WALL-E, while Gusteau’s restaurant is also a culinary hotspot in Cars 2… and now that I’m up to Cars 2, let’s quickly finish the Pixar lineage before I remember that Cars 3 is a thing that is happening (too late): Cars -> The Incredibles -> Finding Nemo -> Monsters, Inc. -> Toy Story 2 -> A Bug’s Life -> Toy Story.

It always comes back to Pizza Planet.

(Via Facebook)

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