Please Allow Kirsten Dunst To Demonstrate How Shallow We Are As A Society

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09.29.14 15 Comments

Kirsten Dunst, in partnership with Vs Magazine, has released this short film or commercial or whatever it’s supposed to be called Aspirational, which seems to be trying to make a point about our selfie-obsessed society in which “likes” outweigh human interaction. I’m just not sure exactly what that point is. Of course Kirsten Dunst was the ideal person to approach for a video like this, being the knower of what’s best for people kind of person that she is.

Which is not to say there’s not a point to be made here. The two young women in the video, who spot Dunst and rush out to take selfies with her like she’s an animal in the zoo, represent some of the most awful people in our society right now. But unfortunately that message gets somewhat muddied in a “woe is me” kind of way, as if it’s Kirsten Dunst who alone suffers the infinite sadness of the existential struggle she contends with on a daily basis. Oh it’s real, you guys.

“Do you want to talk or anything? I mean you can ask me a question, or are you curious about anything?” Show of hands, who thinks Kirsten Dunst says this to people who stop and ask to take pictures with her? Yep, not buying it either.

(Via Jezebel)

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