Please Enjoy Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ As Sung By Every Quentin Tarantino Movie

If you’re a fan of Quentin Tarantino movies, you’ll probably enjoy this video based on the edits and subject matter alone. I can’t say the same if you’re a Madonna fan because this is not the best version of “Like A Virgin” you’ll hear this lifetime.

It is a lot of fun though and it shows a lot of care and respect to the man who inspired the video. Glenn O’Neill at Copon Films starts with the memorable diner discussion from Reservoir Dogs and goes into a full on cover of the song using dialogue from the films. It tries to stick pretty close to the original lyrics, but always finds the time to throw in a much needed motherf*cker or sh*t here and there.

I can tell you this. The video for “Like A Virgin” would’ve been a lot more interesting had it featured a gimp and a ponytailed Samuel L. Jackson running around calling people motherf*cker. I’d have a higher respect for Madonna today, at least until I saw a picture of her weird heroin vein arms and violently tore my eyes out.

(Via CoponFilms/ Rolling Stone)