The ‘Point Break’ Extreme Stunt Featurette Will Blow Your Mind, Man

Warner Bros. wasted no time after dropping the first trailer for the Point Break remake. Now a new featurette highlights the incredible stunt work involved in the extreme sports depicted.

According to director Ericson Core, new Point Break promises “a much larger scale project both in terms of scope and the scale of the movie.” In the featurette above, the filmmakers introduce us to those who risked their lives to portray the extreme stunt scenes (while Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez stayed safe on solid ground). Big wave surfing, rock climbing, wingsuiting, and snowboarding — this film did it all. We hear from rock climber Chris Sharma and big wave rider Laird Hamilson (who consulted on the original film).

Ramirez eventually pops in to say, “It’s not about conquering the geological forces of the Earth. It’s more about becoming one with the Earth.” Easy to say from the comfort of your trailer, buddy.

(via Collider)