The Lonely Island Tell Your Parents And Teachers To ‘F*ck Off’ In This Deleted ‘Popstar’ Scene

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping became one of the biggest box office disappointments of the year, coming and going without causing much commotion. The Lonely Island parody of music docs stars Andy Samberg as a Justin Bieber-inspired pop doofus named Conner4Real, cost around $20 million to make, and ended its theatrical run with just under $10 million in receipts. This was both surprising and a shame, because critics and the few fans who saw it loved it, and rightfully so: It’s the funniest movie of 2016, thus far, and proved that great parodies can still be made without relying on the lazy “kitchen sink” strategy. But that’s another conversation for another time.

Hopefully Popstar will get the attention and money it deserves in the home video market, as was the case with Zoolander, another box office dud that later found cult success on DVD. The Lonely Island is helping that effort by releasing yet another deleted scene, this one showing Conner4Real singing to his fans about them haters known as your parents. “F*ck Off” still found its way to the Popstar soundtrack, but this great concert footage wound up on the cutting room floor. That’s too bad since it’s catchy as hell.

Popstar arrived on Digital HD on August 16 and will be available On Demand on August 30, and on Blu-ray and DVD on September 13.