The Latest Trailer For ‘Power Rangers’ Injects Some Much Needed Color

Let’s be frank. The none-more-gritty presentation of the Power Rangers reboot has caught some of us moldy old folks (read: ages 30 and up) a bit by surprise. Refitting an established property with a darker tone in nothing new (howdy Michael Bay’s bank account), but it is a bit jarring for those of us that think of these Angel Grove do-gooders as a silly, campy, colorful nostalgia trough. Granted, this is a personal hang-up and not the case for a new generation of juice bar enthusiasts, but the tone change can feel strange. Is Zack Snyder going to take a crack at Big Bad Beetleborgs next? Good news for us old cowards. The freshly unveiled “all-star” trailer is a much more colorful experience.

The teenagers with (a largely polite) attitude crack jokes, interact with Bryan Cranston’s Zordon and have Rita Repulsa laying waste to what they hold dear. Elizabeth Banks doesn’t get too much shine in this minute-long peek, but consider this bonus confirmation that she won’t be half-assing her brand of evil. Come for the explosions, stay for Alpha 5 shouting something other than “Ai yi yi.”

As is customary with these things, we have the trailer available in full above. It’s between you, your god and your local film society if you think it looks better than the adult entertainment version.