All The Pre-‘Always Sunny’ Times You May Have Seen Charlie Day And Not Realized It

As one of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s hilarious leads, Charlie Day has been making a smooth transition into big screen roles. He was easily one of the best parts of Horrible Bosses, then he practically stole the show in the epic, big-budget Guillermo del Toro actioner, Pacific Rim. This week, Day will be reprising his role as Dale, in Horrible Bosses 2but like many actors, you have to start somewhere.

Here are all the times you may have seen Charlie Day, before he became Charlie Kelly.

Mary and Rhoda

Watch a fresh-faced Day — as an office clerk — hit on Mary Tyler Moore, who could easily be his mother.

Cougar-prowling can go both ways.

Madigan Men

This 2000 Gabriel Byrne, multi camera TV-vehicle only made it to 12 episodes, but in it — once again — Day plays a clerk; this time of the coffee shop variety. Day’s slacker style would make Kevin Smith proud.

Between his performances in The Usual Suspects and Miller’s Crossing, Byrne should have been a much bigger star in the states, but así es la vida.

Law & Order

In one of Law & Order‘s perennial character witness/witness interviews, Day describes a confrontation with a would-be thief while establishing his alibi.

As an added bonus, here’s Rob McElhenney, looking like a guilty baby on another episode of Law & Order:

Campfire Stories 

Back when Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s name held more weight than Charlie Day’s, the two starred in this B-movie, about, well, scary campfire stories. Although you can barely see him in it, look for Day screaming in two brief shots: in a car, and in the woods. Apparently he does a lot of screaming in this film. Rob McElhenney also pops up in this one.

Third Watch

In this NBC TV drama, Charlie Day starred in five episodes, playing the drug-dealing brother of a police officer. Check out this scene where his cop brother confronts him. Sad to say, things didn’t end up well for Day’s character in this show.

Reno 911

One year before Always Sunny premiered, Day and his wife Mary Elizabeth Ellis, made a cameo on the fantastic mockumentary TV show Reno 911 as inbred twins.

Thomas Bagel Commercial

Yes, Charlie. Thomas does make great bagels.

Cascade Commercial

Day totally embodies his Always Sunny persona in this Cascade ad.