‘Predator’ Might See Arnold Schwarzenegger Return To The Choppa

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03.08.16 11 Comments

One of the accidental hallmarks of the Predator franchise is that the cast changes with each movie. Nobody’s come back for a second go-round with the invisible hunters, and really, who can blame them? But if there’s any man who can go up against the Predator twice, it’s Dutch himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. And he might just get the chance with the upcoming Predator.

Talking to a member of his biggest fan site, Schwarzenegger mentioned that he’s going to be talking with Shane Black about the movie:

I haven’t talked with [Shane Black] yet but I’m going to meet with him for lunch sometime soon. Just as soon as I’m finished with Arnold’s Sports Festival and The Apprentice and all this stuff. But I will get together with him. If there is any news, we’ll of course let you know right away.

Of note, rumors went around that Schwarzenegger nearly came back to the franchise with Predators, but that his political obligations kept him away. And, of course, it might just be that they’re friends from their Predator days and want to grab something to eat and chat about old times. It’s somewhat hard to see where Schwarzenegger, whose post-political career has largely been about reinventing his action star persona, would fit in. But if nothing else, it’d be fun to see what Dutch has been up to since he made an alien blow itself up.

(Via The Arnold Fans)

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