Pregnant Anne Hathaway Had The Perfect Response To Paparazzi Photographing Her In A Bikini

Anne Hathaway is spending the beginning of 2016 someplace sandy and tropical, but unfortunately the actress — who announced that she was pregnant with her first child with husband Adam Shulman back in November — experienced a disruption to her tranquility when she realized that some pesky paparazzi had sniffed her out. Rather than let the intruders make a quick buck off pictures of her pregnant (about five months along, if I’d have to guess) in a bikini, Hathaway decided to release her own photo on Instagram, both with her consent and a filter (the latter very important) as she writes above, before they had a chance to turn a dime.

Hathaway and her husband are currently teaming up to produce the sci-fi horror-comedy The Shower, in which she stars as a pregnant woman who has her baby shower interrupted by aliens. It’s unknown whether production is coinciding with her actual pregnancy, so we might be seeing a lot more of Pregnant Anne Hathaway in the future.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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