The Cast Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Got A Royal Visit That Earned Prince Harry A Big Chewbacca Hug

Proving that no one can say no to the empire, Prince Harry and The Duke of Cambridge made a visit to Pinewood Studios to recognize the work of British filmmakers who have contributed greatly to the Star Wars films. Pinewood Studios is located just west of London in Buckinghamshire, England and has been a huge part of British filmmaking. The James Bond movies, the original Superman movies and Star Wars have all called Pinewood Studios home over the years, and has a studio named after Richard Attenborough and a production block named after Stanley Kubrick. Needless to say, Pinewood Studios is as English as a cup of tea.

Upon arriving, Harry was immediately embraced by another hairy, when Chewbacca gave him a huge hug in front of an X-Wing. Yes! Chewbacca in Episode 8 confirmed.

The Duke was impressed by Daisy Ridley’s head, shown to him by Daisy Ridley.

Then the two brothers clashed lightsabers in a vie for power and their grandmother’s corgis (probably).

The Duke is impressed by Rey’s Episode VII costume.

Like everyone in the world, The Duke was enamored with BB-8.

Prince Harry, once an Apache helicopter pilot for the military, gets his hands on a sweet, sweet X-Wing, with Mark Hamill looking to make sure the Prince doesn’t touch his levels. Luke Skywalker has them set just how he likes.

(Via Collider)