Punch Your Way Through Batman’s 70-Year Cinematic Evolution In This Fantastic Video

No comic book character has had a longer and richer history in film than Batman. From 1943 to today, Batman has hit the silver screen a dozen times in movies that range from deadly serious, to slapstick ridiculous and everything in between. The above video is just a simple walk though Batman’s various movies, but it’s still fascinating to see how the cinematic version of Batman has developed over the years.

One thing I didn’t expect to discover – giant codpiece and Bat-nipples aside, the Schumacher Batman is still maybe the best looking movie Batman to date. Don’t get me wrong, the Nolan Bat-movies are great, but Christian Bale’s mask and cowl always looked a bit doofy, and his costume was a tad frumpy. It’s been 12 movies, but they still haven’t hit on that one totally ideal Bat-costume – here’s hoping Batman v Superman finally gets it right.

via The Playlist