Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Family Movie Is Rumored To Be Pulling From His ‘Kill Bill 3’ Script

Is Quentin Tarantino harvesting the corpse of a certain sequel script to create his latest work? According to rumor swirling about, that exactly the case. Of course, this might also be a shipping container full of bullsh*t designed to work QT worshippers into a tizzy. Let’s dive in, shall we?

An alleged leak regarding Tarantino’s upcoming Manson family heartwarmer (his first film based on true events) emerged on Reddit’s Movies wing. User b1rdnest claims to have inside information on what’s to come. According to the poster, the film will be modifying things from Tarantino’s Kill Bill 3 script for use in this film. Here’s the key juicy stuff, including casting talk involving Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt: Tex Watson Jennifer Lawrence: Susan Atkins Margot Robbie: Sharon Tate Harvey Keitel is playing Manson as on old man, which aspects of the story are told through him.

[Young Manson is not featured]

The film will take place briefly before the murders begin and the twist will be that Sharon Tate survives and hunts down/murders the whole family.

It will have lots of references to The Fearless Vampire Killers which she stared in.

Tarantino gave up on Kill Bill 3 and converted elements to be adapted in this story.
It is heavily influenced by The Last House on the Left & Straw Dogs.

[And thanks for not just hating on me for a supposed leak. I was excited to share because this never happens to me. Again I CANT CONFIRM. It’s just what I was told]

A Beatrix Kiddo influenced Sharon Tate revenge movie? That sounds absolutely lovely. And sort of Inglourious Basterds-y, don’t you think? Once again, we can’t stress enough that this is only online chatter at this stage and it could be a total crock. Still, even if it turns out to bogus, this version of Tarantino’s Manson movie makes for a neato thought exercise.

(Via Reddit & IndieWire)