Rachel McAdams Confirms That She’s Been Cast In ‘Doctor Strange’

After a lot of speculation, Rachel McAdams finally confirmed that she’ll be joining Benedict Cumberbatch in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. The actress has been promoting her latest movie Spotlight, in which she stars alongside Marvel veteran Mark Ruffalo, at the Toronto International Film Festival, and that was where she provided the officially official news.

Of course, Marvel being Marvel, McAdams wasn’t allowed to divulge the name of her character, but some are theorizing from a Daredevil leak that she could be playing Night Nurse, or a character based on her. Night Nurse is also a minor part of the Civil War comic books, so if that’s who McAdams is playing, then there could be a cameo introduction down the road come May 6, 2016. That is dependent upon whether Marvel chooses to follow that element of the comics, which they are definitely not following to the letter, and if McAdams is even playing Night Nurse, who is actually a doctor. Or she could even be Clea, who was introduced in the original comics as a nameless girl who helped Strange out and ended up becoming his lover. And Rachel McAdams totally didn’t say her character’s name, so it could totally be Clea! But probably not.

This is all just wild speculation that we Marvel fans have for fun while the corporate goons hold guns to the heads of their celebrated talent. I’m sure we’ll find out the full info when the official synopsis is released.

(Via The Wrap)