Rachel McAdams Has An Offer From Marvel For ‘Doctor Strange,’ But Will Her Own DC Fandom Win Out?

rachel mcadams
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Marvel casting speculation is never ending, and whether or not Rachel McAdams will sign onto Doctor Strange as the female lead is the current media obsession. She confirmed with the L.A. Times that she was in early talks to take the role, but her full statement hadn’t been released until now. Amy Kaufman, the journalist who interviewed McAdams, posted this to her Twitter:

So, McAdams is a DC fan. She’s referring to the Black Orchid that was introduced in Neil Gaiman’s miniseries, but the character has also been a member of the Suicide Squad and appeared in Justice League Dark, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for her to make her way into the upcoming expansion of the DC Cinematic Universe. So, whether or not she ends up in Doctor Strange or holds out for Black Orchid, there’s one thing that McAdams is absolutely right about: More Neil Gaiman is definitely a good thing.

(Via Comic Book Movie)