Random Movie Night Goes Undercover With ‘Spy Game’

On the Random Movie Night podcast, Uproxx’s Mike Ryan and Keith Phipps watch and talk about a movie selected by a random number generator.

In 2001, Tony Scott’s Spy Game was released, starring two of the most famous actors in the world — Robert Redford and Brad Pitt — and no one really cared. Released just weeks after the events of September 11, 2001, it turns out people weren’t immediately in the mood for a Cold War-set film about espionage. Spy Game has a, let’s say, interesting plot structure: it’s set in 1991 and Brad Pitt’s character has been captured in China. Redford plays his former mentor and tries to get him back. This all allots for about 15 minutes, as most of the film is told in flashbacks (from the 1991 setting) that take us through the relationship between Redford and Pitt’s characters. (Also, in this movie Brad Pitt is a soldier in the Vietnam War? Has Pitt quietly fought in every war? He’s in a lot of war movies for an actor who isn’t really known for being in war movies.)

Last week, after discussing Problem Child with Variety TV critic Sonia Saraiya, we chose our next random movie, and as it turns out, Spy Game is one of her favorite movies. So of course she had to come back.

Next week: Oh God! You Devil

Our opening theme this week is “Late Night Tales” by Lee Rosevere from the album Music For Podcasts. Our closing theme is “Max Flashback,” also by Rosevere and from the same album. You can hear more Lee Rosevere music here.

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