Every Pop Culture Reference And Cameo We Could Find In The ‘Ready Player One’ Comic-Con Trailer

07.23.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

One of the best debuts coming out of San Diego Comic-Con was Steven Spielberg’s appropriately pop culture-filled trailer for his adaptation of Ernst Cline’s brilliant novel Ready Player One. The story follows Wade Watts in a dystopian future where the only life worth living is through virtual reality. The game played is OASIS, a sort-of MMO and hub world that has a currency you can bring back to the desolation of the real world. Since Watts essentially lives in a video game, hundreds of pop culture cameos are made in the book. Maybe thousands. Could the movie live up to all the references? Could they afford it?

Since Warner Bros. has the film rights to the book, they can put in a massive amount of cameos from their intellectual properties. Some of which haven’t seen the light of day in years (Akira), some being pushed hard by Warners (all DC characters). It seems like it’s basically, dare I use a pop culture reference to make an analogy about a story full of pop culture references, a Super Smash Bros. of Warner Bros. properties. Bros. be Bros., right?

In less than two minutes, there are a ton of hidden secrets (and blatant cameos) in the Ready Player One trailer. Here’s what we’ve found so far:

Deathstroke and Harley Quinn

Is that Batman? Whatever, we’ve got ostriches from JOUST here, people.

Having access to some of Warner’s library allows Ready Player One to have fun in a similar way as The Lego Movie with some DC characters making a cameo. We guess this technically means Spielberg has now directed a superhero film?

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