‘Captain Marvel’: The Newest Rumored Frontrunner Is Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson rebecca-ferguson_getty-resized "Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation" New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals
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Captain Marvel isn’t slated to open until Nov. 2, 2018, but that hasn’t stopped us from speculating about who will play Carol Danvers. She was rumored to have a cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but that scene was given to Scarlet Witch instead. That bought Marvel a little more time to cast her, although they’ll need to move fast if they want her to cameo in an upcoming Avengers movie.

So far, Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron have been rumored for the part, with Ronda Rousey and Bryce Dallas Howard also expressing interest. Now yet another new frontrunner is being rumored. This time around, it’s Rebecca Ferguson, who played agent Ilsa Faust in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation. Her impressive performance caught Marvel’s attention, according to an unconfirmed rumor from Heroic Hollywood:

I’m not sure if talks have taken place or if an offer has been made. However, here is a clue… Last month she took herself out of the running to be the female lead in Gambit. Instead, she chose to play Anna in the Tate Taylor directed adaptation of Paula Hawkins novel The Girl On The Train with Emily Blunt. Could she be considering the bigger fish instead over at the MCU?

On the one hand, this rumor could just be a ruse to get a different actress to sign on the dotted line already (LOOKIN’ AT YOU, EMILY BLUNT), or maybe Marvel really is throwing out their previous negotiations and going with someone relatively unknown who won’t cost a fortune to hire. All we know for sure is that Ferguson made a hell of an impression with a star turn in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation and, judging from the picture above, she’s got her stoic pose on lock. I’m okay with any of the rumored Captains Marvel so far. Haven’t heard of an actress rumored for this role yet who disappoints me.

(Via Heroic Hollywood)