Rebel Wilson Had A ‘Ghostbusters’ Meeting And Said She Would Do The Film For Free

My wish list for a new Ghostbusters movie involves a willing Bill Murray and a time machine that can go back to the early ’90s, so after years of caring, I’ve decided that I no longer have a horse in the race to confound expectations and actually get a Ghostbusters film made after several stabs at it.

Right now, the force is strong with Paul Feig and his female-driven approach, so more power to him. There are people who are going to hate this film (if it gets made) for sentimental reasons and there are those who feel like something is being taken away from them because of the direction of the project. Keeping that in mind, it almost makes you want to root for Feig as some scrappy insurgent who is going to have to withstand a spittle and piss storm for daring to take on a seemingly unsolvable puzzle in a new way. Almost. Again, I really insist on a Bill Murray piloted time machine if I’m going to swear fealty to this thing.

Rebel Wilson doing her Rebel Wilson thing isn’t really on par with that (uh… sorry? I’m a truth teller), but it’s not surprising that her name has come up since she’s worked with Feig before (Bridesmaids) and everyone seems to consider it a foregone conclusion that the guy is going to exclusively use people whose resumes he has on file. As long as they aren’t rocking a D, of course.

So, I’m sorry Jason Segel, busting will not make you feel good, but come on down Rebel Wilson!

In a Today Show interview for Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Rebel Wilson, who co-starred Bridesmaids, revealed that she met with the director about the film. “Look, I’ve had a meeting, but who knows,” she said after. “They have to take a look at the script when it’s finished.”

So perhaps gauging the interest of actors before the screenplay is done? Probably not a bad idea considering sometimes you want to write with actors in mind. Asked facetiously by Matt Lauer if the “money truck” would convince her (something Rebel brought up in the interview earlier as a joke about a fourth ‘Museum’ movie), Wilson admitted that, “I’d even do it without the money truck because ‘Ghostbusters,’ the giant marshmallow man if that’s going to be in it…yeah, I’d do that for free.”

This isn’t the part of the article where I try to deduce what role Rebel Wilson will play in the film by using a formula that weighs her previous roles against the characters in the OG Ghostbusters films (characters that won’t be in this version). In fact, I can confirm that Rebel Wilson will not be playing Lady Vigo or Louise Tully C.P.A. Both of those roles are going to Rashida Jones because she did a guest spot on Freaks and Geeks once.

In all seriousness, Wilson is a talented comedic actress and she’d be a great addition to almost any project. The thing is, we’re a long way from her (or anyone else) actually joining the cast. For now, though, we can all wait patiently for any Ghostbusters revelations from the Sony hack that might be coming down the pike. My money’s on a Ghostbusters / 21 Jump Street franchise merger, how about yours?

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