The Red Band Trailer For ‘Search Party’ Is A Treasure Trove Of TV Comedy Greats

The Hangover was a pretty funny movie that wound up less effective in retrospect by its two sequels, both of which made plenty of money but neither of which were as interesting or unique or even slightly as creative as the original.

With that being said, we’re soon to get another taste of that little subgenre in the form of Search Party, starring Adam Pally of Happy Endings and T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch from Silicon Valley. Oh and also a truckload of other familiar comic faces from both TV and the silver screen. The movie’s red band trailer hit the internets at the end of the week and if you’re into jokes about human organ trafficking, and totally naked dudes covered in cocaine, this might be a movie for you.

Seems as though Middleditch’s wedding to Shannon Woodward (Raising Hope) goes bad at the altar thanks to his buddies Miller and Pally and when he heads to their honeymoon resort in Mexico to try to win her back, things go very, very badly south of the border. Pally and Miller are soon to the rescue but not before we get a glimpse of folks like Alison Brie, Jason Mantzoukas, Krysten Ritter, JB Smoove, Jon Glaser and more.

All of the principals involved here are normally hilarious so Search Party may well wind up a fun time despite how derivative its premise appears. We’ll find out when it hits theaters on May 13.