Remembering Robin Williams’ Lasting Legacy Through The Words Of His Colleagues

07.21.15 4 years ago
65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

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On the day that Robin Williams would have turned 64, it’s still hard to fully grasp that the once-bright star is no longer with us. The Oscar winner’s untimely departure left a hole in Hollywood that will never, and truly can never, be filled.

Nary a bad word has been said about the star, although his death has revealed heartbreaking details about his quiet, but ongoing, battle with depression and opened up the comedic world to thoughtful discussion about humor and sadness. The tragic end to the Mrs. Doubtfire actor’s impressive life, however, only illuminates the magic Williams created for fans across the world. He made us laugh. He made us cry.

As we approach the year anniversary of Williams’ death, it feels right to honor the star with the words of those who knew him best… his innumerable costars, companions, and collaborators.

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