Enjoy A Gun-Toting Ricky Gervais In The Trailer For His Upcoming Netflix Movie ‘Special Correspondents’

Ricky Gervais has a feature-length comedy teed up for the time-guzzling vampire that is Netflix and now we’ve been given an early peek courtesy of the new trailer that tumbled out earlier today.

The streaming small-screen adventure features a radio journalist (Eric Bana) and a sound engineer (Gervais) faking that they’ve been risking their lives doing live reports during an Ecuadorian conflict when really they’ve been camped out in New York. Is it possible these goofs will have to actually put themselves in harm’s way? You know it, dude.

Special Correspondents, a remake of 2009’s Envoyés très spéciaux, has Gervais pulling writer-director duty and in addition to some business where he’s holding a gun. If you’ve ever been clamouring to see Gervais put a bullet in someone, this offering should tick a few weird boxes in your soul.

In addition to having Gervais and Bana in the cast, viewers can also expect to find America Ferrera, Benjamin Bratt (complete with some marvelous facial hair), and Vera Farmiga in this satirical comedy. Special Correspondents is set to appear at the Tribeca Film Festival a week before its arrival on Netflix on April 29.

Fans of Gervais also have another new creation to embrace this spring. The Extras mastermind is promising stand-up shows with new material for May.