The Girl From The Well Is Coming For Us Again In The ‘Rings’ Trailer

We all know the story of The Ring by now. There’s a VHS tape floating around somewhere, and it features some really crazy, creepy stuff. There’s a portrait of a lady, some landscape shots, a snake eating its own tail, a lady falling from a cliff, a little girl in serious need of a haircut, and of course a well in the woods. If you’re still watching movies on VHS, watching this one will make your life a little more complicated, because you’ll have just seven days before the girl from the well climbs out of your TV screen and murders you. Still, I think the worst part is having to pull a long clump of hair out of your throat. Disgusting.

Paramount is literally going back to the well with Rings, the third movie in The Ring franchise, and the first official trailer reveals that no one is safe from Samara now. Even people flying in an airplane are screwed if someone has watched the video, which is totally unfair because flying has become enough of a miserable experience. Now we have to worry about a girl with terrible grooming habits killing the pilots and probably causing the plane to crash. Thanks a lot, whomever watched the dumb VHS tape.

Rings looks to plunder the Halloween box office on October 28.