Rob Lowe Has Joined The Cast of ‘Super Troopers 2’

On the heels of being viciously and endlessly mocked for that time he made a sex tape with a 16 year old girl at this year’s Comedy Central Roast (it’s funny because it happened in the ’80s!), it appears that Rob Lowe has managed to stay pretty busy since wrapping things up with Parks & Recreation last year. While both of his recent shows, You, Me & the Apocalypse and The Grinder were cancelled after just one season because everything sucks and this world is stupid, Mr. Chris Traeger himself has picked up a supporting role in the thoroughly confusing, family-friendly alien flick Monster Trucks and is set to star in Ken Marino’s How to Be a Latin Lover, both due out next year.

An incredibly capable and multitalented comedic actor though he may be, it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten to see Lowe sink his teeth into a true cult classic feature the likes of Tommy Boy or Wayne’s World, and it’s a damn shame too. Thankfully, the Broken Lizard gang have put an end to this great injustice by casting Lowe in their upcoming Super Troopers sequel, which has finally begun production after nearly three years of speculation.

According to a tweet sent out by Broken Lizard and later confirmed by Deadline, Lowe has been cast as “Guy Le Franc, a former hockey player and the current mayor of a Quebec Canadian border town.”

Let’s hope that Lowe’s knack for Canadian-themed humor is a little less dated than Kevin Smith’s, or this role could quickly turn from the best thing about Super Troopers 2 to the worst.

Filming on Super Troopers 2 began earlier this month, and no release date has yet been set for its release. You can bet your bottom dollar that Willie Nelson will be involved in at least some capacity, though, which should be worth the price of admission by itself.

(Via Deadline)