Robert Pattinson Could Be An Oscar Contender For His Lead Role In ‘The Lighthouse’

The actors who are playing the most current versions of Joker and Batman might be facing off against each other at the 92nd Academy Awards. Someone might not want to tell Martin Scorsese about this, right? The legendary helmer recently outed himself as not being a fan of Marvel Studios movies (they’re “not cinema”), and although he hasn’t expressed an opinion on Warner Bros./DC films, one can assume that it’s gonna be strange if Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Pattinson end up on a split-screen with The Irishman‘s Robert De Niro, waiting for a winner to be announced.

This actually could be a conceivable scenario (although Robert Downey Jr.’s hat won’t be in the ring for playing Tony Stark, but wouldn’t that be something?). Phoenix has drawn plenty of Oscar buzz for his frankly brilliant performance in the divisive Joker film. And Variety reports that Pattinson, who will don the cowl in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman, will be submitted to the Academy for consideration in the Lead Actor category for The Lighthouse. Honestly, “from Twilight to the Oscars” sounds like the best career trajectory for an actor, and it looks like A24’s gonna make Pattinson a contender:

Robert Pattinson will compete in the lead actor category for “The Lighthouse,” Variety has learned exclusively. A24 will submit Pattinson in the lead actor category, with co-star Willem Dafoe in the supporting actor field.

Dafoe’s probably more than happy to take a backseat to Pattinson, not only in terms of goodwill but because, damn, the Lead Actor category is gonna be rough. Not only are Phoenix and De Niro likely nomination locks, but there’s a slew of strong competition including Leonardo DiCaprio for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Adam Driver for Marriage Story, and Adam Sandler for Uncut Gems, to name a few. Yes, that Adam Sandler! So why not toss in Pattinson playing a lighthouse keeper gone mad? That’s right, there’s gonna be a real knock-down, drag-out Oscar race in 2020. I can’t wait.

(Via Variety)