This Cool Mom Made Her Son An Uncanny Rocket Raccoon Costume For Halloween

Oh… yeah.

Christina Borchardt of Three Rivers, Michigan, went all out to give her 6-year-old son, Chase, an awesome Halloween. Chase is a fan of Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. Christina says he fell in love with the character when he saw him in a Spider-Man cartoon. Despite the difficulty of making a costume resemble an actual talking raccoon, this awesome mom hand-made a full Rocket Raccoon (with a hinged jaw, even!) and gun from scratch, improvising along the way.

The end result was so cool, director James Gunn shared it on Facebook (above). Here’s a video of Chase trying on the mask for the first time and quickly learning how to make Rocket’s mouth move.

Borchardt told Fox17 she’s making seven more Guardians of the Galaxy costumes for a Comic Con next May. She also explained why she originally embarked on this complicated craft project: “I always see other kids’ costumes, and they are great and everything, but they are always store-bought, and I like my kids to have the best costumes.”

This is so awesome, it makes me want to ask my mom why I had to wear the same off-brand monster mask for six years in a row.

(Via Christina Borchardt, Laughing Squid, and Fox17)