‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Debuts An Intriguing Behind-The-Scenes Clip

Star Wars Celebration is unfolding today, and the centerpiece is the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story panel. A full recap of the panel is coming courtesy of our own Mike Ryan, but you can watch the behind-the-scenes clip they shared right now.

The clip doesn’t divulge any plot details specifically, but if you’ve got a sharp eye, you can spot a few things that stand out. For one thing, the insistence on practical effects is all over the place; we even see a montage of suits and practical effects. For another, it’s fairly clear that the enormous beach showdown, shot in the Maldives, gets particularly desperate, as it appears the beach assault might be the last stand of our heroes as they try to get the plans out the door. Furthermore, it appears nobody in the Rebellion has email, because it looks like they’re physically carrying the plans:

We also get a few alternate angles of shots in the movie, but much remains mysterious. We do get a rough idea of how our heroes get on the Death Star: A few shots show off major characters pulling a New Hope and running around in Imperial uniforms, beating up troopers. We’ll see just how they sneak onto an Imperial secret weapon in December.

(Via YouTube)