Ron Burgundy Returned To Help Promote The Stand Up To Cancer Telethon In Typical Burgundy Fashion

Who wants to take one more trip down memory lane with Ron Burgundy? After an onslaught of marketing and coverage during the build-up for Anchorman 2, many are probably tired of seeing the world’s greatest newsman do his thing. But I think we can give it one more go if it’s for charity, right?

Stand Up To Cancer held their fourth live telethon last night and managed to get Will Ferrell to don the persona of Ron Burgundy in an effort to promote the event. It all started out well enough, with a few nods to some of the bits from the movies mixed with use of the charity’s slogan, but it wasn’t long until the Burgundy charm kicked in as it did in the clip above.

Soon it devolved into a series of bits that weren’t so much about the charity or cancer, but more about Burgundy and his ego. In defense, I would be a bit thrown off by a random wanderer on a live set too. It’s just disrespectful. The only time it’s not a hazard is when it involves The San Diego Chicken, Morganna The Kissing Bandit or Val Kilmer. Kilmer is always welcome to bring the party.

Things got back on track though and it all ended nicely with a lesson in the art of the freeze frame. Having seen a few episodes of CHiPs in my day, I can tell that these were perfect opportunities that the producers decided to let fall to the wayside. It’s bush league, but oh well. We’re just trying to cure cancer here. Nothing special.

I think with that we can finally say goodbye to the character for good. We don’t need an Anchorman 3 and I don’t exactly know if those jokes could be recycled for a third time. It’s a nice thought, but it’d be pushing it.

(Via Stand Up To Cancer / Mediaite)