Ron Perlman Needs Your Help To Make ‘Hellboy 3’

The last time we reported on Hellboy 3 was in 2011, when star Ron Perlman told io9 that “it would be a great disservice to the first two films if you don’t see how they wind up.” Four years later, he’s still at it, this time asking the internet for help to wrap up the potential trilogy.

Both Perlman and director Guillermo del Toro remain impressively busy, the latter with Crimson Peak and 900 other projects in development, but only one of them is starring in something called Robodog. I hope Robodog gets his own franchise and smokes comically large cigars.

Anyway, the first Hellboy earned $99.3 million at the box office, while the sequel brought in $160.4 million on a fairly small budget ($85 million). Despite the multi-year gap, the series is probably still popular enough to warrant another movie, not that it’s ever stopped Hollywood. Perlman should know: He was in Police Academy: Mission to Moscow.