Ronda Rousey Is Nervous She Might ‘Really Suck And Disgrace The Name Of Swayze And Road House’

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09.11.15 14 Comments

The internet’s reaction to Ronda Rousey taking on the Patrick Swayze role in a Road House remake has been mixed, to put it mildly. Those already a part of the #ArmbarNation love the idea and can’t wait to see Ronda in her first starring role. But as far as the haters are concerned, Rousey can’t act her way out of a paper bag and this whole gender switch thing is a cheap gimmick that’s going to tarnish Road House‘s impeccable reputation. This is a travesty of Jem proportions!

Ronda herself seems well aware of the strong sentiments surrounding the 1989 classic and how hard it will be to fill Patrick Swayze’s tight cowboy jeans. The guy is already well on his way to Hollywood sainthood while no one is even willing to classify Rousey as an actress yet. But this role didn’t just magically fall into her lap, and she seems determined to make sure she pulls it off. Via Entertainment Tonight:

“I think it’s been a year or two that I’ve been pursuing that [role]. I’m like obsessed with Road House, I love Road House. … I can see why people would be hesitant to see a remake because it is such a classic. … In my own way I’m nervous. I get really nervous for fights, I get scared and stuff like that. The worst thing that’s gonna happen is that I’ll really suck and disgrace the name of Swayze and Road Houseness and everyone will hate me.”

“I’m gonna get a lot more experience before I tackle Road House.It’s my first starring feature. Acting classes, improv. I’m gonna make everyone proud, I promise! I don’t suck at things. It can’t happen!”

According to ET, filming on Road House will begin at the end of 2016. That gives Ronda just over a year to up her acting chops. She’ll get some hands on experience leading up to that; she’s slated to start filming an action movie with Mark Wahlberg called Mile 22 sometime after her stadium fight with Holly Holm in November. And who knows what other plum roles her big league agents are lining up for in the meantime?

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