Rosamund Pike Has Revealed Her Bizarre And ‘Deeply Psychological’ Method For Displaying Her Acting Awards

Fresh off of her Golden Globe win for I Care a Lot, actress Rosamund Pike stopped by The Ellen Show where she opened up about what happens to her acting awards when they make it back to her house. While most people usually display them on a shelf or toss them into a box somewhere up in the attic, Pike revealed that she has a more unusual method: burying them in the backyard. Turns out, the Gone Girl actress thinks having the awards in her home would lead to an awkward situation with guests, so instead, she buries them in the garden. But not all the way! She leaves “a little bit showing up, so you can have an enticing glimpse of a hand, or a… globe.” Because that’s way less awkward than seeing an Oscar above the fireplace.

Via The Independent:

“It’s probably some deeply psychological… if you’ve got any psychiatrists or therapists in your audience, maybe they’ll say it’s probably some deep lying imposter syndrome,” she suggested. “I find it an uneasy thing to display any award in your home. How do people interact with them when they come home? … I think it’s awkward.”

Pike locked down a 2021 Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture for her deranged, yet highly entertaining performance in Netflix’s I Care A Lot. Considering we’re only 10 days past the Globes ceremony, the question is whether Pike has had time to bury the evidence, or if the statue is sitting out on an end table and taunting her.

(Via The Ellen Show)