Rose McGowan Says The @FemScriptIntros Twitter Is Popular Because A Guy Runs It

Film producer Ross Putnam’s Twitter account, @FemScriptIntros, has over 50,000 followers. People have really responded to the embarrassing descriptions of women that he’s found in Hollywood scripts and is tweeting out to the masses.

Actress Rose McGowan says, however, that this Twitter account plays into sexism against women in Hollywood and in general. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she says, “I think it’s popular because it is a guy behind it. I think if it were a woman who wrote it, it’d be ignored as b*tching.”

McGowan herself has made headlines recently for becoming outspoken about industry sexism. She once tweeted wardrobe instructions that she got, supposedly for an Adam Sandler movie, that said “push-up bras encouraged,” among other things. By itself, these instructions might seem innocuous, but given how much Hollywood loves to objectify women, in that context, the notice is infuriating.

As to whether people have perceived her recent statements as “b*tching,” that’s probably the case. McGowan claims that tweeting out the Sandler casting notice got her fired by her agent. Ultimately, though, she doesn’t care because she’s bringing up an important conversation. And she does tell the Hollywood Reporter that she agrees with the sentiment of the Twitter account.

(via Hollywood Reporter)