Rose McGowan Gets Candid About Her Assault As She Calls For Honesty In Hollywood

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Sexual assault and the prevalence of rape culture has been discussed at length over the course of this week following recent revelations about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The allegations against Trump are truly horrific, but at the very least they are raising a good deal of conversation around what women go through as they deal with sexual assault. Many in the Trump camp were quick to dismiss these women’s claims, accusing them of lying and fabricating their stories about rape and assault. In response, the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport started trending as many women shared their stories of why so much assault goes unreported. Lady Gaga shed light on the issue as more women came forward with their accounts, and an important conversation was fostered out of terrible circumstances.

Actress Rose McGowan, who has boldly addressed sexism in the industry before, decided to get candid about her own rape at the hands of a Hollywood executive in a series of tweets.

By bravely sharing the details of her own assault, McGowan paints a grim picture for women who have been assaulted. With all of the mud being slung from the Trump camp, asking why they didn’t come forward years ago, McGowan and a host of others made it clear that our culture does not believe women. It is important to continue to speak truth to power if this is ever going to change, so thanks to McGowan and everyone else for refusing to be silenced.

If you’re uninformed you can educate yourself about our country’s problem with sexual violence at If you’re a victim of sexual violence, you’re not alone. You can call the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline or go to for additional resources.