Here’s The Trailer For ‘Run All Night’, Otherwise Known As ‘Pre-Taken’

The trailer for Liam Neeson‘s latest action-movie-that-isn’t-Taken-but-looks-a-lot-like-Taken went online today. Run All Night stars Neeson as a old hitman and Ed Harris as his former employer. Judging from the trailer, which gave away most (if not all) of the film’s plot, Neeson kills Harris’s son defending his own, played by the rebooted RoboCop himself, Joel Kinnaman.

During the night and morning that follow, the father and son pair outrun and outgun Harris’s goons while they try to “take” Kinnaman from Neeson. (See what I did there?) The movie hits theaters on March 13 and features lots of action, gun play, Irish mobster overtones, Neeson’s gruff voice…

Holy sh*t, did you see the gear at Common’s disposal? His gun and Google Glass-like setup looks bad*ss, but the case it was kept in? Who actually puts lights like that in a briefcase?

(Via Warner Bros.)